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September 13, 2010

Go Audi!

Often seen as the little brother in the German motor industry Audi was dwarfed by the behemoths of Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes. Today it produces cars that match these giants in quality as well as performance. As a consumer it is clear that these cars represent value for money without compromise on luxury and great design. Who however, is foolish enough to buy a car brand new when there are so many approved used Audi dealerships out there? With vehicle depreciation as it is, is makes no financial sense to buy cars straight off the production line.

Advisably when purchasing; approved used Audi dealerships should be utilised, their system of checking cars ensures that used cars are as close to new as possible and most importantly approved Audi dealers give peace of mind in terms of safety. The multi point check system contains 110 different criteria and delivers a written inspection report for your perusal before you buy. Any issues that arise from this checking system are remedied by approved Audi technicians, making sure your used car is of the highest quality possible.

The Audi range covers all needs and aspects; whether it is a sporty model or a family estate, approved Audi dealers can provide a car to suit all appetites. In the smaller end of the market the A2 offers a practical vehicle that will suit small families. The Audi A3 on the other hand offers a hatchback with a racier engine and gives an awesome driving experience whilst retaining practicality.

For those looking for a larger car, approved used Audis are perfect; with the A 4, 5, 6, and 8 the Audi range presents great saloon options. All these models are beautifully styled and contain technology that would not look out of place in an aircraft cockpit. Many of the models are available in cabriolet versions ensuring that the wind will rush through your hair whilst sitting in comfort.

If you are looking for a sporty used car however the TT is the car for you coming in both hardtop and cabriolet its Quattro system puts the power down on the road and gives superb handling attributes. Its drop dead gorgeous looks ensure that the car will turn heads and create the right impression.

Approved Audi dealerships also offer other sporty models, known as the ‘S’ models. These are essentially the models from the normal range with tightened suspension and bigger engines. The fact they make S versions of their estate cars should be a bonus to dads who want to push it a little on the school run.

Two cars that will not be available in approved used Audi dealerships yet are the A5 and sumptuous R8. The A5 offers a beautifully designed saloon that represents Audi’s forward thinking attitude. The R8 however is a mid engine supercar in its own right, the striking styling twinned with a rip roaring V8 engine is sure to bring an unrivalled driving experience. This car is full of technology that has filtered down Audi’s racing division; if you are lucky enough to find a used one in a couple of years, snap it up.

Audi have been making cars for more than 100 years and the knowledge is visible in the quality of their models. Their endurance is renowned and are perfect for buying second hand. When visiting an approved used Audi dealership the guarantees come thick and fast whilst the after care lives up to these guarantees. If buying a used car a visit to your local Audi dealership is strongly advisable